Hello there!This is the first entry in a little thing I like to call a weblog!I'll try not to mess up this page like I did the other pages...

If you haven't looked at all the other pages yet,they're all screwed up.

Well,that's EXACTLY what I intend NOT to do on this page! For now,I just gotta figure out what went wrong...

Aug 28,2009

9:01 PM

Good news. I'm now sponsored by Dead Comics! I have a lot of work to do over the weekend!!! I have to finish my fold-up battlefield for Jonathan,and I also need to finsih the Red Dragon Codex Super Smash comic all by Monday,but I have to do my chores,too. I don't know how I'm gonna get all of this done!

September 12,2009

7:34 AM

Sorry for the lack of updates recently,I just haven't really been paying much attention to my website,and also my dad never takes the time to put the updated contents of my website online. So annoying actually.

Lately I've been exploring the different fonts on my computer and some of them are quite surprising. I'll just write a list below listing the names of some of the different fonts in that font.


Kochi Gothic


URW Chancery L

October 18,2009

7:06 PM

Hey guys!I just figured out how to make boxes where you can type stuff!Now way to know what I'm gonna do with it right now...You can type what you want at the the bottom of the page.

Type here:
  1. <------ Look!I got a Roman numeral list!And no,I didn't just type an "I",I went to the source HTML in SeaMonkey and entered the HTML code for it and it really worked!!!

Well,anyways,next Monday,the new issue of Dead Comics is coming out.

Yo,what's up!!!
I got a table!

I've accomplished a lot of things with the HTML guide book that I found in my Dad's office.i don't really have anything else to say,so bye-bye!

              October 29,2009
6:32 PM